Do you need an aesthetician?


What is an aesthetician (also called an esthetician) and what are they trained to do?

Do you need an aesthetician? In general, aesthetician training in California includes mastering techniques for deep facial cleansing, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, all forms of hair removal waxing treatments, and the spectrum of therapeutic facials.

Following training, they can perform these services independently in a salon, spa or medical office. Our medical aestheticians are additionally trained and supervised by me, a board certified dermatologist, on an ongoing basis. I’ve taught them to tailor treatments to the special needs of our most complex, dermatology patient skin types.

The integrity of our aesthetician services is of the highest importance to me.

Our treatments and our aesthetician room are adapted to meet the hygienic levels of our medical office. You can trust the safety of our services.

In addition, our aestheticians provide only medically-substantiated skin care treatments so that you get the best results possible and your money is well spent. This collaborative relationship between medical science and professional skin care creates medical aesthetician services that are unique and unparalleled anywhere… yet, they’re right here in Sonoma County.

What are the benefits to your skin from aesthetician skin care treatments?

Your skin can’t look “polished,” meticulously groomed and “put together” if it is congested, layered with excessive dead skin cells and has the occasional, “wiley” unwanted hairs.

Of course, your skin naturally exfoliates and your pores naturally empty their contents onto the skin surface… BUT not always fast enough. The end result:

  • Built-up dead skin cells that give your complexion a dull, scaly appearance;
  • Full clogged-pores that look dark and enlarged, giving your skin a rugged, unclean look; and
  • Unwanted hair growth that prevents your skin from looking luminous, smooth, and fine textured.

Professional skin care treatments clean dead skin cells and debris from your skin so that your complexion radiates with a clean healthy vitality.

Your therapeutic skin care medicines and professional skin care products penetrate more deeply into your skin, too. Your skin just looks better, feels better and improves more rapidly from your at-home skin care regimen.

Why are our aestheticians and services your best choice for professional skin care in Sonoma County?

Our medical aestheticians and I have gone beyond the norm to create facials and skin treatments for more complex skin types.Facial rejuvenation expert Do you need an aesthetician

All aestheticians are trained to understand the treatment needs for the common skin types (dry, oily, acne prone, and sensitive). But, I’ve trained our aestheticians to tailor specialized treatments for your more complex and unique skin issues. These include skin problems such as: rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis, extremely sun-damaged skin, highly sensitive skin, eczema-prone skin, and Retin A treated skin.

Your treatments are carefully documented in your skin care chart so that we can build a customized skin care regimen for you to maximize results.

Whether your skin has special needs or not, you benefit from the extra expertise and experience of my medical aestheticians here in Sebastopol.

In addition, I’ve equipped and maintain our aesthetician treatment room to meet the same hygienic and infection control standards of our medical and surgical treatment rooms.

This means I’ve enhanced the traditional aesthetician services, tailoring them to meet my strict requirements for quality and hygiene.

Whether you only need hair removal waxing or more complete treatments such as microdermabrasion, chemical peels or facial services, we’re your best choice for professional skin care…and we’re convenient for you if you live in Sebastopol, Santa Rosa and Sonoma County.

It’s even possible to have your regular skin care services done with us if you live farther away. In fact, many of our clients come from areas such as Mendocino and Humboldt Counties and they coordinate their trips into Sonoma County to include an appointment for a skin care treatment with us!

See our treatment menu here and learn more about our various skin care services offered by our licensed aestheticians below:

Do you need an aesthetician?

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We’d love to help you have the healthiest skin possible and look your very best!