Hair Removal Waxing Treatments


Waxing has long been a trusted method for removing unwanted hair. Our highly experienced aestheticians are experts at knowing which different wax types are the best waxing products for your skin type. They are also experts at determining which wax type is best for the body location where you would like your hair removal waxing treatment done. In addition, Dr. Bailey has given our aestheticians additional training and equipment to make our waxing the safest in Sonoma County. Our resources and experience reduce the risks of you having waxing side effects which include folliculitis (from improper hair removal or infection) and removal of some of the top living skin layer. We offer the full range of waxing services from eyebrow waxing, leg waxing, bikini waxing and even Brazilian waxing. The training and experience of our aestheticians give you the ultimate in safe waxing treatments for removal of your unwanted hair growth.

We also offer facial tweezing services for our sensitive skin and Retin A clients.