Before-and-After Cosmetic Procedure Photos

Cosmetic Procedure Results from Real People

Here are some of our recent, cosmetic procedure before-and-after photos performed on our staff:

Treats skin conditions associated with aging, active lifestyles and sun damage.

BEFORE                                 AFTER

Bailey Face Before Bailey Face After

Raises brows and relaxes frown lines.

BEFORE                                   AFTER

Kelly before 1Kelly after 1






Kelly before 2     Kelly after 2

Smooth, natural filler for facial lines and lost definition. Can also be used on the lips as shown in this example.

BEFORE                              AFTER

Danielle lips before Danielle lips after







Adds deeper volume to correct age-related facial volume loss.

BEFORE                                          AFTER

DCB before voluma DCB after voluma






Soft filler to soften those frustrating fine lines, such as the ones around your lips. It also works beautifully to recreate your lost natural lip fullness.
BEFORE                                                AFTER

DCB before volbella

DCB after volbella







The first and only injectable treatment that permanently reduces fat under your chin.

BEFORE                                              AFTER

Hattie before 1Hattie after 1





Hattie before 2Hattie after 2






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