It’s time to have your best skin possible!

Get the best skin care possible with Dr. Bailey.In our office here in Sonoma County, CA, you’ll find the general, surgical and cosmetic dermatology services and experts you need to have the healthiest, youngest-looking skin possible.

We provide the highest quality of dermatology services available to patients of all ages.

Dr. Cynthia Bailey, a board certified dermatologist, founded the office in 1991. And our philosophy is the same today as it was then… that excellent dermatologic care is a partnership between patient and doctor.

Our doctors and skin care specialists take the time to educate each patient about their specific skin issues and provide preventative recommendations.

We believe that the best results are achieved when each patient is considered as a whole person, not a specific skin condition.

Our practice is known for its individualized, thorough and compassionate care. Our doctors and specialists will customize a specialized program for your skin to help you keep it healthy and attractive.

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If you would like to see one of our doctors, nurse practitioners or aestheticians, please call us at (707) 829-5778.

Then, you’ll want to use this simple, online patient portal before your appointment.

Dr. Bailey wants you to fall in love with your skin every, single day!